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4000 B.C. Indus Valley Copper Dancing Girl

The National Museum, New Dehli,

2300 B.C. Mesepotemia,

Akkadian Ruler, Iraq Museum, Baghdad

300 B.C. Alexander Drachma,

British Museum, London, England

300 A.D.First Gupta Buddha,

Indian Museum, Calcutta,

1550 A.D. Qumimbaya Diety,Inca Civilization

Private Collection Bogata

1480 A.D. Birth of Venus,Painting by Botticelli,

Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

1550 A.D. Qumimbaya Diety,

Museo de Arqueológico de la Americas,Spain,

1999 A.D. Moses, Private collection,

New York City


Kundalini - Yoga

Amen - Re

Amen - Re

Kundalini - Yogai-Front

Kundalini - Yoga-Back

Tree of Life - Front

Tree of Life - Back